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Weekend Hypnobirthing Course

Sat 23 & Sun 24 March, 1.00pm-6pm
£150 per birth couple

This course will equip you to have the best birth possible, however it might unfold, where you feel calm, confident and in control:

  • You will learn how to work with your body, not against it. 

  • Feel informed and empowered to make decisions that feel right for you and your baby 

  • Feel confident in your physical and emotional capabilities. 

  • Gain the knowledge and tools to create a calm and empowering experience.

What To Expect 

Day One

The Logic of Hypnobirthing & The Hypnobirthing Techniques 

  • The power of the mind - How it can negatively impact birth and how you can get it to work more helpfully. 

  • The science stuff:  How your body is designed to birth a baby.​ We will deep dive into the muscles of the uterus, changes to the cervix and the birth hormones.

Day Two

Your Rights and Choices & The Birth Journey 

  • Induction of Labour: The due date fallacy, understanding when induction might (or might not) be appropriately, and exploring how to have a positive induction. ​

  • Taking responsibility for your birth: How to make positive decisions that are right for you and your baby, how to navigate the maternity system, how to deal with pressure and understand risk and research.

  • Birth options: Exploring where you might give birth and the risks and benefits of each option.  ​

  • The role of the birth partner: How to protect the space, advocate and support the hypnobirthing mum​

  • The birth: Understanding the stages of labour and what to do in each stage, comfort measures, introducing further hypnobirthing techniques 'down breathing' and back stroking. ​

  • The Golden Hour: How to maintain the optimal birth environment and the ins and outs of birthing the placenta. ​

  • Birth preferences: The role of birth preferences, the importance of writing them down and what things do you need to consider. 

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