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How hypnobirthing makes a difference for a planned caesarean

A caesarean is major surgery: approaching one can come with a lot of fear. This fear can impact on pregnancy and make for a more stressful birth.

Hypnobirthing will allow you to prepare positively for your caesarean birth: letting go of fear, accepting choices and having tools to make the experience as calm and positive as possible.

Feeling relaxed during a caesarean needs preparation and tools to help. Emotional responses are driven by the mind, so feeling at ease with the process on an inner level is so important. Developing the ability to relax deeply and easily takes practice and preparation. Hypnobirthing provides powerful tools for this.

In addition, there can be times of discomfort in the run up, during and when healing from a caesarean. Hypnobirthing tools can help with pain management. The time spent preparing for birth in this way is valuable bonding time for parents and their unborn baby: this has long term benefits. Studies also show that relaxation can actually aid the healing process after surgery.

Hypnobirthing course for parents who have decided to have a caesarean birth, or those currently in the decision-making process

5 hour course (2 x 2.5 hour sessions) in the comfort of your own home within traveling distance from the Malvern Hills or via Zoom - £160

Let me help you prepare for a truly positive and life affirming C-section- One where you feel calm, prepared, relaxed and ready to meet your baby.

Session One

  • Power of the mind- creating a positive mindset 

  • The role of hormones 

  • The impact of fear 

  • Relaxation techniques 

Session Two

  • More relaxation techniques 

  • The process of a caesarean

  • Power of reframing 

  • Creating your Oxytocin bubble  

  • Your choices and options 

  • Preparing for a healthy fourth trimester 

Contact me to learn more about all of the services that I offer.

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